MAKS 4141 is a nonionic biodetergent for removing and dispersing microbiological-based slime and silt deposits within cooling tower fill. As a detergent, MAKS 4141 disrupts biofilm integrity removing surface deposits and facilitating biocide penetration into the slime. As a dispersant, MAKS 4141 disperses dislodged biofilm aggregates into the bulk water preventing redeposition. MAKS 4141 removes surface deposits through a combination of chemical solubilization and physical scrubbing by entrained air bubbles.


MAKS 4141 is a dispersant which helps remove microbiological deposits from cooling system surfaces and inhibits their reattachment. It increases the effectiveness of both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides by improving penetration of the microbiological slime. It also improves heat transfer efficiency, reduces under-deposit corrosion and increases the time between turn-arounds by controlling slime build-up.


Dispersing microbiological-based slime and silt deposits within cooling tower fill
Disperses and prevents slime deposits
Maintains/increases heat transfer efficiency – supports corrosion protection programs
Improves effectiveness of chlorination and biocides
Helps reduce maintenance costs and prolong equipment life
Minimal environmental impact.


The specific dosage of MAKS 4141 is system dependent. In general, higher dosages are required for systems that are heavily fouled with microbiological growth. The most effective dosage for fastest cleaning is that at which a stable foam is first observed in the cooling tower basin. Continuos feed will provide the fastest cleaning. Generally the product dosage should be fed at the high end of the range for the first 1-3 months until cooling tower performance is restored and then reduced to a lower maintenance level.
Your BIMAKS representative will recommend the optimum dosage necessary to ensure maximum program performance according to your specific system parameters.


MAKS 4141 should be fed neat to a location in the system where it will be uniformly mixed and thoroughly distributed. It may be fed on a continuous or slug basis. The product should be fed via a closed feed system (a closed feed system being defined as a system in which fluid is moved from a closed storage vessel into a treated media without exposure to the atmosphere).
MAKS 4141 is very viscous especially at low temperatures. Use a high viscosity pump. MAKS 4141 is compatible with all oxidizing and non- oxidizing biocides, and inhibitor treatment products.
MATERIALS: Storage and application equipment (pumps, lines) should be made of Stainless Steel (304, 316), PE, High Density Polyethylene, Derakane 411, Atlac 382, Plasite (3066, 3070 and 9570), Hetron, Hetron isophthalate, Viton, Silicone or Butyl and hard natural rubbers. Do not use Carbon Steel in contact with the neat product.


As a standard precaution with all chemicals we recommend the use of personal protective equipments such as goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet as the only official source of Environmental and Safety information.
MAKS 4141 can be stored for at least 24 months from date of shipping if kept in its original, unopened container and under normal warehouse conditions. Protect from freezing and from exposure to high temperature.
MAKS 4141 is available in non-returnable containers of different sizes.


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