Technical Solutions


BİMAKS’s Technical Assistance department aims to provide you with the most efficient solutions.

Thanks to the technical experience and knowledge of BİMAKS, our customers can direct them to the most effective and sustainable solutions in order to overcome their problems.

Our customers send their completed checklist forms to our Technical Support Unit and then we analyze the system data from our customers using the BASP (Bimaks Antiscalant Software Program) software program. As a result, our software program calculates the optimal dosage requirement for the specific chemicals to be used within the system, indicating which product will best suit these requirements


Excellent Product Quality

As BIMAKS, we are proud to supply our customers with high performance chemical products. Our products are offered with quality assurance in high-quality raw materials and production processes.


Fast And Reliable Service

BIMAKS carries out customer water sample analysis in its own private laboratory with short time and high accuracy. By uploading the resulting report data to our BAYP (BIMAKS Anti-scalant Software Program) system, we are able to determine the most appropriate antiscalant at the most appropriate dose. This service has proven itself to provide reliable and fast results to our customers.

Our technical service engineers continue to provide regular consultancy and guidance services throughout the process, including before and after the purchase.


Competitive Prices

As BIMAKS, we always provide the most competitive prices in the market to all our small or large scale customers and ensure that they make purchases from advantageous prices throughout the year.

Technical Support After Sales

BIMAKS technical support team always provides consultancy services to our customers who need guidance for the most efficient and optimal use of our chemicals during the process of use.

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BİMAKS has a strong professional background in providing remote technical support services to companies all around the world. Our technical specialists work with different industries helping them deliver excellent customer experience. ”
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