Research and Development

Pilot Applications

As Bimaks, we are conducting pilot site investigations of reverse osmosis units by sampling the working conditions. These pilot studies can be sent to the customer’s operation in a very short time if requested. As a result of our investigations, our engineers recommend effective solutions and reduce your operating costs.

System Surveillance Optimization

We help you in starting a new system and we are working towards the implementation of the information provided by you.

We create the criteria for selecting the most suitable membrane system and we present our analysis. At the same time, we ensure that the material dosage is optimal and that your system works with high efficiency.

Laboratory Services

As Bimaks, we have the possibility of water analysis and membrane tracking for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems. We are also conducting chemical dosing for antiscalant, coagulant and flocculants. In order to eliminate excessive hard accumulation and/or agglomeration problems in the membranes, we perform optimum antiscalant applications by forming osmosis feed water in laboratory conditions.

Membrane Autopsy

We perform membrane autopsies for hard deposits, microbiological reproduction and sludge detection on membrane surfaces.
If required, we make the necessary investigations by electron microscopes and reach the causes of the problems. Based on the results obtained, we design the most appropriate cleaning method for you with our engineers.