MAKS 1570


MAKS 1570 is a multifunctional product containing synthetic organic polymers, volatile oxygen scavenger, foam control agents neutralizing and filming amines in liquid form.


MAKS 1570 is a multifunctional product designed for maximum scale inhibition, corrosion protection and internal metal passivation. Steam and condensate lines are protected by specific inhibitors. MAKS 1570 can be used for the treatment of softened boiler feedwater up to 2.0 ppm total hardness and a maximum operating pressure of 60 bars.


Prevents scale formation and extend the life of the tubes.
Prevent oxygen corrosion and enable metal passivation
Enables a more efficient heat transfer, energy savings and fewer acid cleanings by preventing formation of scales.
Prevents corrosion from condensate lines and boilers.
Provides steam purity even in high concentrations
Easy to use and apply
Cleans iron scaling and rocks in boiler systems.
Prevents foam formation and related water carryings in boiler systems.


The dosage amount of MAKS 1570 varies depending on function of the feedwater quality (hardness), boiler operating conditions and pressure. To control the treatment performance of MAKS 1570, there are clear procedures as well as a test-kits.
Your BIMAKS representative will recommend the optimum dosage necessary to ensure maximum program performance according to your specific system parameters.


MAKS 1570 must be fed continuously into the feedwater tank or into the feedwater line after the deaerator. If dilution is required, feed water should be diluted with cooled condensed water or demineralised water and it should be applied to the feed pump suction or degasser.Dilution reduces the oxygen scavenger performance of MAKS 1570. If feedwater is used for steam attemperation, the product must be fed downstream of the attemperation water takeoff.
MATERIALS: Storage and application equipments (pumps, lines) should be made of PE, PP, stainless steel or Teflon. Do not use Aluminum, Copper or Brass in contact with the neat product.


As a standard precaution with all chemicals, we recommend the use of personal protective equipment such as goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet as the only official source of Environmental and Safety information.
MAKS 1570 can be stored for at least 24 months from date of shipping if kept in its original, unopened container and under normal warehouse conditions. It should be avoided from freezing and from exposure to high temperature.
MAKS 1570 is available in non-returnable containers of different sizes.


In the case of poisoning, call UZEM (National Poisoning Consultancy Center) through the number 114 or Emergency Health Services through the number 112.
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