MAKS 1122 is a liquid organic metal passivator and oxygen scavenger.


MAKS 1122 is used in boiler feedwater and condensate systems for scavenging oxygen and passivating metal surfaces at operating pressures up to 220 bar including use in steam attemperation spray water. It is especially designed for the treatment of utility power cycles. MAKS 1122 is recommended for the following applications:
HP Boilers using demineralized or high purity makeup
Once-through and supercritical boilers
Industrial LP boilers with dearation in non-food applications – Condensate and steam systems where oxygen is present
Wet lay-up of boilers and superheaters.


Volatile organic oxygen scavenger and metal passivator for boiler and condensate system
Optimum corrosion protection and metal passivation by magnetite formation at low temperatures
Improved feedwater quality through reduced corrosion – elimination of corrosion product deposition in boiler and turbine – Does not increase boiler water conductivity – results in better boiler efficiency
Especially suitable for wet lay-up of boilers and superheaters
Lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime of boiler and condensate system
Non-toxic or carcinerogen – easy and safe to handle and fewer regulatory constraints compared to Hydrazine.


The specific dosage of MAKS 1122 varies depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen present at the point of injection. A certain residual has to be maintained in the boiler water.
Your BIMAKS representative will recommend the optimum dosage necessary to ensure maximum program performance according to your specific system parameters.


MAKS 1122 should be fed continuously. Any interruption in feed will result in corrosion in the boiler and condensate system and possible tube failure. MAKS 1122 can be fed neat or in any convenient dilution. To prepare dilutions use condensate or softened water between 10° and 40°C with minimum stirring. A floating “doughnut” type cover is recommended to minimize reaction with air. The preferred feedpoint is the deaerator storage tank. Other feedpoints include the suction side of the feedwater pump, condensate extraction pump discharge and condensate hotwell.
MATERIALS: Storage and application equipment (pumps, lines) should be made of Stainless Steel 304+316 (may discolour), Aluminum, Buna-N, EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene, PP, PU, Plasite 6000+7122, PVC, Teflon, Vinyl tubing or Viton. Do not use brass, carbon steel, nickel or Plasite 4005 in contact with the neat product.


As a standard precaution with all chemicals we recommend the use of personal protective equipments such as goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet as the only official source of Environmental and Safety information.
The product should be stored not below 4°C. If freezing occurs and turbidity develops, the drum should be warmed up slowly. This process is not completely reversible, a slight reduction in activity may be developed. Precautions should be taken in this case to avoid any interruption in feeding by plugging pumps with precipitates.
MAKS 1122 can be stored for at least 24 months from date of shipping if kept in its original, unopened container and under normal warehouse conditions. Protect from freezing and from exposure to high temperature.
MAKS 1122 is available in non-returnable containers of different sizes.


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