MAKS 1110 is an oxygen scavenger in powder form.


MAKS 1110 is a non-volatile, inorganic oxygen scavenger designed for fast oxygen removal to reduce corrosion in boiler systems with/or without deaerator or other industrial water system. It can also be used as a chlorine scavenger in pre-treatment systems.


Reduces dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water systems to protect from corrosion
Catalyzed form up to 500 times faster reaction at lower temperatures compared to commercial sulfite
Enhanced formula prevents activity loss during long term storage and usage
Complies with FDA regulations – suitable for boiler water additives in food industries
Can be used at pressures up to 40 bars


The specific dosage of MAKS 1110 varies depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen or chlorine present at the point of injection. A certain sulfite residual has to be maintained in the boiler water, the allowable limits should not exceed the recommendation of the boiler manufacturer or the TÜV and VGB guidelines.
Your BIMAKS representative will recommend the optimum dosage necessary to ensure maximum program performance according to your specific system parameters.


MAKS 1110 should be fed to points that will allow maximum reaction time (e.g. deaerator storage tank). MAKS 1110 should be diluted with softened water at 15-40 0C for 3-10 % solution strength. Mixing should continue until dissolving is complete. To minimize the reaction with air, a floating “doughnut” type cover is recommended. A stainless steel quill is recommended for injection.
MAKS 1110 must be fed continuously; any interruption in feed will result in corrosion and possible tube failure. MAKS 1110 should be used with an internal scale/deposit product for complete boiler treatment program.
NOTE: To prevent catalyst precipitation, MAKS 1110 should not be mixed with alkaline treatments.
MATERIALS: Storage and application equipments (pumps, lines) should be made of Stainless Steel, PE, PP, Fiberglass, PVC, Teflon, Viton or Buna-N. Do not use Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Copper Alloys, Hypalon, Neopren, Mils Steel or Nickel in contact with the neat product.


As a standard precaution with all chemicals we recommend the use of personal protective equipments such as goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet as the only official source of Environmental and Safety information.
MAKS 1110 can be stored for at least 24 months from date of shipping if kept in its original, unopened container and under n ormal warehouse conditions. Protect from freezing and from exposure to high temperature.
MAKS 1110 is available in 40 kg drums.


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