MAKS 11059 is a kind of heavy polymer. It is usually a white or slight yellow floccules, flake, granular or powdery in appearance. Its molecular formula is [CH2CHOH]n, and the molecular formula for some of MAKS 11059  [CH2CHOH]n[CH2CHOOCCH3]m.


  • Non toxic, insipid and non-polluting
  • Water soluble resin
  • Has good chemical stability
  • Has good adhesion, film-forming ability, insulation, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and gas barrier properties
  • Has typical chemical properties of polyols
  • Can make esterification, etherification, acetalization reactions.


  • In the textile industry, mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing agents and raw materials of vinylon fibers.
  • In the decoration and construction industries, can be used as mortar cement additive, paint additives for interior and exterior walls and moldıng plate adhesives.
  • In the chemical industry, can be used as polymerization emulsifiers, dispersants and raw materials for the production of PVF, acetal and butyral resins.
  • In lumbering and paper making industries can be used as adhesives.
  • In agriculture can be used as soil improvers, pesticide adhesion synergist and PVA film.
  • In petroleum exploitation can be used as well cementing agents.
  • In addition can be also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, printing, ceramics, steel, electronics, electroplating and so on.


As a standard precaution with all chemicals we recommend the use of personal protective equipments such as goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet as the only official source of Environmental and Safety information.

MAKS 11059 should be stored indoor in a well ventillated and dry room. Prevent exposure to dampness, sunlight and rain.

During transportation, the products should be moves gently to prevent damaging the packing bags. Avoid direct contact with naked flame, when they are caught with a fire, use any fire extinguishers to put out the fire.


The dosage quantity of the product changes according to the operating conditions and water chemistry of the system. BIMAKS representative will propose the appropriate dosage quantity to ensure maximum conditioning performance based on the distributed system parameters.

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